Steven Kahrs, Agile Coach & Project Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Tommi when a team I supported was in the midst of its evolution to Agile and Scrum and must say that we could not have succeeded in our adoption of Scrum and our transition to Agile without all the work she did to support us. She was instrumental in our evolution and the work she did with us supports our ongoing success to this day.

She was both a Scrum Master and a Scrum and Agile Coach for our team and was very good at both. She led several brainstorming and planning sessions, introduced tools and techniques that we continue to use and that other teams in our shop have also adopted, led training sessions, taught us how to retrospect in an Agile manner, and supported us along our journey.

She did all these things with characteristic professionalism, skill and expertise, gently and carefully, and very respectfully. She engaged us as partners all along our path. She is personable and flexible and highly likeable – very easy to work with.

We couldn’t have done what we did – and did so very successfully – without her!