Web & Marketing

Web Enhancements

Improve your image. Update your website to present an appealing look and feel, enhanced navigation, web copy free of grammatical errors, up-to-date FAQs, and more. New websites and full website redesigns are also available.

SEO, Analytics, & PPC

Rise to the top. Increase your website traffic, search rankings, and ROI on pay-per-click ads with a thorough audit and analysis, followed by optimization and additional recommendations.

Copywriting & Editing

Be a leader. Increase your position as a thought leader in your industry with regular fresh content including blogs, mass emails and newsletters, ebooks, whitepapers, and more. Both writing and editing services are available.

Market Research

Know your enemy. No matter what industry, market and competitor research is key to claiming and maintaining your competitive edge and client base. Get the research and analysis you need to make informed decisions.

Business Optimization

Strategic Planning

Two heads are better than one. Enhance your business and revenue streams through analysis, goal setting and tracking, strategic planning, and expense control.

Operations Management

You can’t do it all. Get help when and where you need it without the commitment of a new hire. Assistance includes operational, customer service, sales, and other key components of your business.

Process Improvement

Scaling changes everything. Optimize your business, revenue, and strategy for the long term. Increase both your effectiveness and efficiency through in depth analysis, empirical iterative adjustments, and recommended changes to tools and processes.

Scrum Coaching & Services

Get your Scrum on. Increase your Team’s understanding and implementation of the Scrum framework through custom coaching events and workshops aimed to address specific needs and skill gaps. Experienced ScrumMaster and Product Owner services are also available, either to embed directly with your Team or to mentor those growing into the roles.