Never too Small to Dream Big

Founder and freelancer, Tommi Johnstone, is a project person. A doer. A collector of skills. Whether in her personal or professional life, she likes to find and face new challenges head on, converting them into triumphs.

Tommi was promoted into her first managerial role while working her first full-time job as a teenager. Since then, the story always played out the same. As she moved around the country and through a variety of industries, her intense dedication, fierce commitment to teamwork and customer service, and acutely analytical mind moved her rapidly into managerial and leadership positions at every company she worked for, leaving each one more lucrative than when she arrived.

From managing restaurants to retail stores, operating wholesale warehouses to storage facilities, building services businesses to coaching Scrum, the thing that sets Tommi apart is her ability to identify gaps in successful business and her drive and willingness to step in to fill those gaps. Among other things, this ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude has led her to create new hire employee handbooks and training programs, engage in industry-specific market research and response strategies, and redesign company websites and marketing collateral.

During more than 20 years of providing employers with reduced expenses, heightened revenue, and happier teams, Tommi learned that her real passion lay in providing this assistance to small businesses to help them grow and thrive. It is with this mission in mind that TommiWorks LLC was born to help small businesses take big strides.

From implementing strategic company and employee goals to making everyday processes more effective and efficient to coaching Scrum and Agile teams, Tommi’s goal is to dig in and turn the if only’s that every small business has into success stories. Because you’re never too small to dream big.

Learn more about Tommi’s work history, accomplishments, and skills on LinkedIn.