I am very lucky that Tommi became available. This time last year my whole company depended on one client that nearly always required overseas travel. Now we have revenue from regular local classes, plus the possibility of finding local clients. Crucially, my stress is much lower than last year.

Michael James, Owner – The Seattle Scrum Company

I’ve known and worked with Tommi in various places and capacities for the last 10 years. Not long ago, Fearless Agility was in need of someone to cover for my business partner (who was on vacation) for complicated, detail heavy, logistics and other business operations work for a couple weeks. She stepped right in and, with minimal oversight, did an amazing job of keeping our business running smoothly. I have always known her to have the highest integrity, incredible attention to detail, and handle difficult situations with apparent ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help managing and running their business temporarily or on a long term basis where a full time employee was not necessary/cost effective.

Jimi Fosdick, Owner – Fearless Agility

I had the pleasure of working with Tommi during her tenure at 3Back LLC. That is truly what working with Tommi is – a pleasure. When it comes to marketing, Tommi is one of those rare individuals who just gets it. From the big picture visioning down to the nitty-gritty details of a complex rollout, Tommi knows her stuff. She is a graceful facilitator and gifted collaborator, attacking every project with a contagious energy, and always keeping her ducks in a row. When client expectations change, Tommi is the epitome of agile; skillfully refining her work to deliver the right product at the right time. Her marketing know-how is far-reaching and her gusto to do great work is a thing of beauty. Plus, she’s got a magnificently wicked sense of humor.

Lori Weisberg, Senior Marketing and Technology Guru

I had the pleasure of working with Tommi when a team I supported was in the midst of its evolution to Agile and Scrum and must say that we could not have succeeded in our adoption of Scrum and our transition to Agile without all the work she did to support us. She was instrumental in our evolution and the work she did with us supports our ongoing success to this day.

She was both a Scrum Master and a Scrum and Agile Coach for our team and was very good at both. She led several brainstorming and planning sessions, introduced tools and techniques that we continue to use and that other teams in our shop have also adopted, led training sessions, taught us how to retrospect in an Agile manner, and supported us along our journey.

She did all these things with characteristic professionalism, skill and expertise, gently and carefully, and very respectfully. She engaged us as partners all along our path. She is personable and flexible and highly likeable – very easy to work with.

We couldn’t have done what we did – and did so very successfully – without her!

Steven Kahrs, Agile Coach & Project Manager

I have been trying to think up some sort of complicated and deeply poetic way to recommend Tommi, but it just keeps turning into:

“Tommi gets things done for me, when they need to be done, and whatever they may be.”

Flowery language can’t really get the point across any better. I wholeheartedly recommend Tommi for any job you care to name. I don’t doubt at all she can do anything she wants to. As a side note I fully believe that Tommi knows more about Agile Methodologies then most consultants out there teaching it today.

Caleb Brown, Agile Coach

My first contact with Tommi was towards the end of my engagement with Digital Insight. I was looking for a Project management course to broaden my project knowledge outside of the Project Management Institute box.

Tommi was a wealth of information; even more so than the Danube website, which is filled with information but Tommi was able to dial me into the perfect training session in my area and in my price range. She is a bit OCD-ish but certainly in a good way. She is a gem in the corporate world with a great work ethic (Can Do attitude) and a personality to match. I would strongly endorse her as a candidate for any position that requires the ability to learn quickly and completely and to become very functional in a short period of time. If I had a spot to put her in, I would hire her today.

I have referred others to her and they have all reported back to me that she has been professional and personal in providing them with their requirements for training and post training information.

Jon Singer, ISS Sr. IT Project Manager

Tommi and I worked on different teams but often had to work together to provide our trainers the proper equipment and software they needed to do their jobs abroad. Without Tommi’s assistance in this area, I would have spent much more time coordinating with the trainers and performing my duties as an IT administrator. Tommi was also of great help to me in keeping our corporate asset inventory in Portland up to date and assisting, as possible, with Portland employees IT problems. She is a skilled manager and a easy person to work with, a rare thing in high-stress environments. I would happily work with Tommi again.

Nick Whalen, Multi-Faceted Software Engineer

Tommi has been the best manager I could ever imagine. She is respectful, and very supportive, and is willing to put in the extra mile to care for her people. And she is a hard worker, taking ownership and dedication in what she is doing. And such a great person.

Petri Heiramo, Agile Coach and Trainer, CST

Tommi is an energetic and goal-oriented manager whose greatest asset is her compassion and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I could not have performed my duties as well as I was expected to without knowing that Tommi was there to support me every step of the way.

Herb Dierking, District Manager